lazygit - use-case: backporting with rebase onto

At OpenProject, we're using a main development branch dev as well as one or more longer running release tracking branches release/X.Y. When bugfixing, I will quite often want to backport a branch from the main development branch to a release branch.

With git rebase --onto, you can select the comitts from that bugfix branch without rebasing all the commits from dev. With lazygit v0.40, you can now select the base from within the commits panel.

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Sunday, 10. September 2023

lazygit - the commits panel

The commits panel lists recent commits and provides extensive rebasing operations on them. It also allows to work with the git reflog, a powerful way to undo certain git operations.

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Saturday, 4. December 2021

lazygit - the branches panel

The branches panel displays your branches, local and remote, as well as tags in the repository. It allows to switch between branches, perform actions on them and more.

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Sunday, 25. July 2021

lazygit - the files panel

The files panel reflects your git workspace while working on changes locally in your repository. It offers staging, committing, stashing, and clearing your local workspace. This post will introduce all details of the files panel below.

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Saturday, 3. April 2021

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