lazygit - the branches panel

The branches panel displays your branches, local and remote, as well as tags in the repository. It allows to switch between branches, perform actions on them and more.

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Sunday, 25. July 2021

lazygit - the files panel

The files panel reflects your git workspace while working on changes locally in your repository. It offers staging, committing, stashing, and clearing your local workspace. This post will introduce all details of the files panel below.

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Saturday, 3. April 2021

lazygit deep dive - Introduction to a new series

You might consider yourself a person that has a working knowledge of git. I certainly do. I use git daily, swinging between branches and worktrees, doing interactive rebases and using features that many might label "advanced" git features.

But still, I keep struggling with some of the features that are not used everyday. Not necessarily because I don't get the concept behind them. I either keep forgetting the correct command and its order to use or find typing the command tedious, even with aliasing it to make it shorter.

I recently integrated lazygit into my daily working with git. It helps with making some operations faster, and provides an interface to perform some of the magic whose commands I would need to look up often. In this tutorial series, I will demonstrate this tool from its basic usage to advanced features, starting with an introduction in this post.

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Thursday, 1. April 2021

Upgrading OpenProject's frontend from AngularJS to Angular while keeping development alive

I already mentioned in the last post that at OpenProject, we have been migrating our AngularJS 1.6 frontend to Angular 5 (now 6). This has been an ongoing effort over the past 6 months and has concluded in the past weeks.

This blog posts reflects on my experiences on the continuous ugprade process while maintaining a usable development branch that neither blocks integration testing nor development on other areas of the application.

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Saturday, 22. September 2018

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